Updating panelview firmware

04-Jul-2016 02:05

Once you've finished preparing your memory card or USB drive, you just plug it into your PVPlus.After doing so, the will launch and you'll be presented with an upgrade screen. So, as a standard operating procedure you should always backup any device you're about to firmware flash.I hope the above step-by-step instructions on how you upgrade your Panel View Plus firmware using a memory card was helpful.If it was and you'll like to thank us please take a moment and visit our Support page for ideas on how you can support our site.And for those who prefer step-by-step instructions, stay tuned to our next blog which will detail each step in the process.Earlier in the week in this blog post we discussed how flashing a Panel View Plus 6 over the network could take hours.Insert the memory card (or usb flash drive) into the Panel View Plus terminal and select “Upgrade” from the popup window.

In fact, it takes so long he avoids doing it whenever possible.I honestly hadn't flashed my PVPlus 6 in quite some time, so I downloaded the latest version of 6.1 firmware from Rockwell's website and began flashing my unit.After over thirty minutes I was only at 14%, and I calculated I had nearly 3.5 hours left!Having proved my client right, I proceeded to work on a hunch that the length of the flash was mostly do to the time it took to copy the flash file across the network.

This I figured was not only the least efficient way to copy the file, but also exasperated by the fact that the client and I were both performing the firmware flash from within a virtual machine.

Hopefully this information about how you can quickly flash your Panel View Plus 6 will be helpful too you, and save you some time in the coming year.

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