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21-May-2016 07:54

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just take each day as it comes and try and stay in the moment rather than panicking ahead etc. Thank u Anna I had one glass on Wednesday AF last night and a taste of Corona at lunch, which I started to feel horrendously guilty abt, so didnt drink the rest. As my initial target was controlled drinking, except I havent really been achieving that and when I have drank, its certainly not controlling.Worked really hard on that yesterday and well, I managed it, but doing this everyday.... So I came to a decision today that I would like to be totally AF. x Hi Katy, There are many ways to tell your mates you dont want an alcholic drink, For 1 your on meds so cant drink as the meds wont work, 2, you want to detox for a while so please understand 3, just buy your own drinks, who knows that a lemonade doesnt have a vodka etc in it, Most of all hun good luck and Hi Sarah, thanks for the tips...This would have been the prime opportunity to sneak a drink in, but actually I had a AF drink instead. And tonight had trouble getting LO to sleep, but still I have managed not to sneak a alcoholic drink and still remain AF for today! Ive have also been smoke free today too and nearly stuck to my diet. i know exactly what u mean,, whenever ive had 3 or 4 days AF i think wow well done i think i would be ok having a glass of wine which then turns into the bottle so easy to do.How I ever managed all 3 before a few years back, I really dont know!! but well done on the new start of this week with those AF nights, dont put too much on ur plate with the non smoking and the diet..and concentrate on cutting out one thing at a time, too much is going to put undo pressure on u hun xx well i had a few glasses last night and i am now finishing off an opened bottle now....tahts it no more wine in the house so i am going to try and do AF nights tomo night at least, thats the starting point xxx Ladies big If you want to joinn me on my thread about been Af from Mon (tomorrow ) your more than welcome, as I`ve already said i`m a longterm alcoholic whos beaten this before so I know what its like, Once you get past day 1 day 2 gets easier and after a week you wonder why you ever wanted a drink in the first place Think of the benefits, weight will be lost, your skin will improve, your confidence will raise, you`ll feel better about yourself and for some reason , dont ask me but I felt much sexier and got more attention when I`d been sober and off the booze Right now for tips to help you, 1 : dont touch the alcohol free stuff, stick to soft drinks even if you put it in a wine glass to fool the brain 2 : if you feel like a drink get busy, clean, iron, take a bath, do some gardening, anything to keep you busy and your mind occupied 3 : tell yourself that if you want a drink you can do another half an hour without and when that time is up say well I`ve done that time I can do another half and hr and keep doing that so it delays what time you start 4 : and the last thing I will say is its all in the mind, you have to re program the mind to not need an alcoholic drink to relax, sleep etc We ladies can do this and if any-one wants to PM me please do, as the saying goes, been there,done it and worn the tee-shirt but I WILL BEAT it this time for good hi katy hun....thanx for that, no not heard from counsellors yet we are getting b but its not easy so the sooner they call us for an apt the better!!Worked really hard on that yesterday and well, I managed it, but doing this everyday.... over the past three weeks, with the hols etc, my drinking has been attrocious and everyday I have been fighting the urges in working the mind to not turn to drink on disasterous days, or to celebrate as I feel good or want to escape.Like, Im not going to drink for the next 3 weeks... xx If you drink wine 1 tip I can give you is pour a AF drink ( lemonade, ginger ale etc ) into the wine glass, sounds daft but it sort of sends messages to the mind that your still having wine as you drinking from a wine glass, I hope that makes sense.Im doubt whether I will be able to either, but I really want things to be different to what they are now.As for weigh in, lost 1lb and smoking, a S day today xx Hi Katy My name is Sam and I am a Substance Misuse Worker at Swanswell and come onto these posts 1-2 times per week. However, you have the right support system around you with alcohol workers and counsellors - its fantastic that you are engaging with them and talking things through, and you also have the right amount of determination and confidence that you can achieve your goals.

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just take each day as it comes and try and stay in the moment rather than panicking ahead etc. But it just wasnt working for me and I need to up my pace again in fighting the alcohol and trying to achieve more AF days than not.Im getting stressed from my parents talking about going swimming.

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