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At first, he goes along with her political talk, but she catches him with a pork chop.

So, to get Carrie back, he sets free all the cows at the meat plant.

Meanwhile, Dewey discovers there aren't any childhood pictures of him, so he concocts an elaborate scavenger hunt to punish Hal and Lois.

Watch Now Reese meets a cute vegetarian named Carrie when he goes back to work at the meat plant.

Dick, a rival student in the class who takes dancing a bit too seriously, challenges Malcolm to a dance-off.

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So, to make sure nothing like that happens again, he lets the boys do whatever they want by letting them miss school and even offering to buy Malcolm a new car, until Lois puts a stop to it.Meanwhile, Reese does everything he can to get a permanent job as a high school janitor, which includes creating the most disgusting mess ever.In the meantime, Hal has problems with Malcolm's Harvard tuition, while Francis finally gets a real 9-5 job that he actually enjoys.He enjoys being smart, but he despises having to take classes for gifted children, who are mocked by the other students who call them "Krelboynes", a reference to the nerdy Seymour Krelboyne from The Little Shop of Horrors.

Jane Kaczmarek is Malcolm's overbearing, authoritarian mother, Lois, and Bryan Cranston plays his disengaged but loving father Hal.

Also returning for the family celebrations is Grandma Ida, as they all say goodbye to Malcolm when he leaves for college.

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