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24-Oct-2016 19:07

The problem is due to the fact that Skype simply aren’t filtering spam as they should be, which I find inexcusable.

I have no spam problems when using an IM client such as Google Talk, so there’s no excuse for a company as big as Skype to not be just as vigilant too.

*NATIVE* app LICATIONS run FASTER, load FASTER (unless they use '.

Not'), and [unless you deliberately break it] run on OLDER platforms, including XP.

Could i please confirm my sort code and account number.

Other users report spam messages that claim their PC has a virus, content that includes crude pictures and sexually explicit messages aimed at female users.

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Universal [cr]apps ONLY run on 10, which is barely 15% of computers, so why bother?A preview of the new Skype UWP app A preview of the new Skype UWP app The Skype story on Microsoft's reinvented Windows platform is …That happened previously but has stopped happening recently (for me).I currently have up to five devices that are Skype connected (it is common it seems).

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One of them is Firefox on Linux, which does Skype if you log into One Drive.I’ve been used to receiving spam on IM clients such as MSN Live Messenger and Adium for a long time now.

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