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The games feature bright and humorous cartoon-style animation and a varied arsenal of bizarre weapons.Subsequent games in the series have been released since 1995, including a 3D variant (Worms 3D) in 2003.In 1983, Amoeba Software published a game called Tank Trax, which was very soon picked up and re-released by the early Mastertronic Games Company.This was again the classic version of the Artillery Game, however you could change the height of the hill in between the players to either a mountain or a foothill (However this sometimes made no difference in the actual gameplay as some foothills were as high as mountains and some mountains were low enough to be considered foothills).

Early precursors to the modern artillery-type games were text-only games that simulated artillery entirely with input data values.The players also had the default names of General Patton and Monty.Video game console variants of the artillery game soon emerged after the first graphical home computer versions. was released in 1982 for the Magnavox Odyssey² console in which two catapults, each behind a castle fortress wall, launched rocks at each other.Other active projects include Warmux or Hedgewars, fully playable on many systems, including Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

DDTank is a popular browser-based free-to-play MMORPG artillery game.Lines on the screen showed the players the paths that previous shots had taken toward their target, allowing players to use visual data when considering future strategy.