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Director: Tom Cherones S2E12 Kramer's scheme to get back at the Laundromat by trying to dump a bag of cement into a washing machine is one of my favorite physical comedy moments from Michael Richards.

George starts this episode with a rant at his boss and quits his job, but decides to go back to work on Monday like it never happened; this is my favorite of George's many schemes.

My Rating: 10/10 After George's parents take back the bread they gifted to Susan's parents, George makes Jerry find another loaf and tries to appease Susan's parents by taking them on Kramer's Manhattan horse tours, to disastrous consequences.

Director: Andy Ackerman S7E11 Kramer takes over the horse and buggy business but feeds Rusty a bunch of beef-a-roni causing the horse to fart all over the parents of Susan Ross.

S4E11 This is the one where the four enter into a contest to see who could remain ' Master of their domain' the longest.

I remember it being great but it isn't as funny when the central idea isn't fresh and as a result it fell in the middle of the list.

For instance, The Label Maker episode contains the ' Re-Gifting' storyline.

Peterman does his impression of Brando's ' The Horror, The Horror' over the urban Sombrero and Newman is forced to eat Broccoli and shouts ' Vile Weed! The super eventually goes after Joe Mayo with a sock full of pennies. My Rating: 10/10 A mysterious package arrives for Jerry.

I chuckled through the entire episode, but got big laughs from Kramer's bag of condoms, George's happiness at being a father, and his table manners at the end.

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