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When a show's impending end is known ahead of time to the producers, however, they may choose to go out with a Grand Finale, in which Failure is no longer the Only Option.

A related trope is Perpetual Poverty; the show's plot is the characters making a living doing something entertaining to audiences such as catching criminals for money (or maybe get their hands on a windfall they have to quickly lose it.

Lets get a wee effort going fishes to dress up anything goes in the solid rock meets are well established in there and well even frankinstein wouldnt get a second look lol .. LOOKS LIKE MY LUNCH BOX IS GETTING PRETTY FULL HA HASince this Will be my ffirst meet that I am attending and won't know anyone I hope you all Will make me welcome.

Not sure yet if I Will dress up but if I do might go for the rocky horror costume I have left over from last Halloween.

The Hopeless Boss Fight and Fission Mailed are when this trope is applied to video games, where the player must be defeated in order to advance the story.

This is usually done by making the hero extremely weak at that point in time, or making the boss unbeatable due superior level or some outside force, especially if it's still early in the game.

GLASGOW SOLID ROCK CAFEGHOULS, GHOSTS , VAMPIRES, FRANKENSTEIN , ZOMBIES , MUMMYS ALL WELCOME TO THE MONSTER BALL Get ready to party fishes !! But it is optional so come join in the fun of the evening . The fishes will have the entire downstairs area to party . Average Member Brings Along 3 Guests i shall come as the parson from war of the worlds. Since Vampi Bambi is going to be prowling the place for snacks it`s going to be safer to blend in with the crowd and not attract her attention. if few dress up, then anyone who does will stand out, but if most dress up, then those who don`t will stand out.

i will burn them with my silver cross, i will bore them with my sermons, i will peel them with my metal knife, i will smash them all to bits. What a dangerous conundrum ;)Rdkei Mk2My problem is i will just be wearing what i do anyway lol . Says the women whos handbag is a coffin lol I will bring some stuff with me we can have a dress up box as some fish need dutch courage.

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vonner welcome the fish meets are a good laugh xx Big thankyou goes to cowboy for turning the thread into a masterpiece .

In cases of game shows with recurring contestants who keep bumbling their chances at winning a game, they are usually defined by the trope Born Unlucky, (and if it gets out of hand, they might be branded a Memetic Loser), but once the streak of bad luck is Lampshaded and starts to become an in-joke regarding when or if the contestant figures out how to finally win and is expected to lose (or they themselves expect to lose), it transitions into this.