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qsynth settings: MIDI -- enable midi input, midi driver alsa_seq Midi channels 16, alsa sequencer qsynth Audio -- Audio driver jack, sample rate 48000, buffer size 64, buffer count 2, jack client name qsynth, Auto Connect Jack outputs (checked), Multiple Jack outputs (checked) Soundfonts -- /usr/share/sounds/sf2/PC51.sf2 (note you can download soundfonts from the net, or possibly your soundcard came with a windoze cd containing mostly useless software, but also a soundfont file..) You might want to turn off qsynth's , since you will be using creox vkeybd settings: vkeybd is optional, especially if you are going to plugin a guitar or a midi instrument.vkeybd controls don't seem to interfere with creox.. Under MIDI, connect Virtual keyboard and fluid synth(qsynth) Under Audio, check to see if qsynth is automagically connected to alsa_pcm for playback.

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), select Effector Play, and try the virtual keyboard once again.

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