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Obama approved of the Supreme Court decision overturning the District of Columbia’s gun ban and he has softened his stance on the legislation regarding wiretapping of U. His critics now have the opportunity to claim that he is not what he said he was during the primary stage of the contest.In response, he has the opportunity to say: “I never said I was ultra liberal, you said that.We know that Obama has presented himself as a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.

Remember the Dukakis response in a debate when he was asked what he would think about the death penalty if his wife were raped and killed?

He has maintained his belief in faith-based initiatives – not a change of positions by the way.

He praised such initiatives in his second book, The Audacity of Hope. Most of these issues are not so much changes in position as they are an attempt to change the perception of his too-far-to-the-left liberalism.

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Wisely, we think, Obama and his advisors have made the decision to reach for the center when given the chance.